An advanced student job finding website.

What is Jola?

TLDR; Jola is a job/internship finding website for students.

  • Jola helps students find a job/internship based on their interests.
  • We use student grades to determine jobs that are appropriate for them.
  • It also uses AI to improve student job choices.
  • A really clean job-finding interface..


Since our primary audience are students, we've designed our UI to be incredibly easy to use. Students can find a job based of their interests and apply for it. They'll be able to track the application right through the website. Jola uses AI to determine what jobs to show to students. We've also made it really easy to connect to an external SIS systems.

You're in good hands..

Student Privacy is #1 priority. Jola uses powerful services to keep student credentials safe. Jola was created by a trustworthy person and is moderated by an intelligent group of people.