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Created: 7/14/19
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Jola will never share your data. However, we do store a significant amount of data. The purpouse of this page is to explain how the data we collect is used and what data we even collect in the first place. If you have any questions about the data we collect or want to see the data for yourself please email us at [email protected].

Data we collect:

Data collection explained:

Jola stores Interests & Hobbies to show you listings that require skills that are common with your Interests & Hobbies. Your age is needed so we can ensure that we only show you listings that accept applicants of your age. Jola needs your location so we can show listings that are near you. We store the genre of listings you typically look at so we can suggest more listings that are in that genre. We store where you've worked in the past to recommend you more listings and assist you when you fill in your application. Jola also stores transcripts, this is so we can see your highpoints and lowpoints and suggest jobs appropriately. Jola will never automatically submit your transcript to and employer unless you manually do so.

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